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wood railroad ties

The Guide to Sourcing Eco-Friendly & Recycled Wood

Our planet is changing and it’s changing fast. Protecting the world’s resources and stopping global warming is one of our greatest challenges today.Most of us know by now those small changes we can make...

Review: Wood watches by JORD, the sustainable timepiece

I haven’t regularly worn a watch for many years – I’m of the generation that finds it easier to check my iPhone than my wrist when I need to know the time, and when you’re...
Kensington hardwood floors

Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Does hardwood flooring really have a positive impact on our Health and Environment?Your home is your identity and when you consider home interiors, all should be as beautiful as the outside of your home. ...
wooden furniture

How To Bring Your Wooden Furniture Back To Life

When wooden furniture loses its shine there are two options for every homeowner – you can either revive your furniture or you can cash-in on one of the most popular design styles, shabby chic.In...
wood burning stove

The Environmental Aspects of Owning a Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves have really come into their own in recent years with many homeowners having them fitted due to the costs of heating their home via other methods such as central heating in...
wood floor

Tips on Salvaging Hardwood Floors

Saving that old hardwood floor not only makes sense from stylistic and cost perspectives; it also helps reduce the amount of demolition and construction debris sent to landfills.
wood floor

The Journey Of A Wood Floor: From The Forest To Your Home

Wood floors are elegant, sleek and stylish. Despite the fact that wooden floors aren’t a complicated product, the process of making them begins a long time (many months and sometimes even years) before the...
wood flooring

Tips for Choosing the Best Recycled Wood for Your Floors

Wood floors have charm, style and beauty. Depending on the species of wood, the room can be fanciful or warm and charming.Using recycled wood can save thousands of dollars for a new floor; individual...
Carabanchel Housing

5 Stunning Examples of Sustainable Wooden Architecture

Wood is one of architecture’s more magnanimous materials which allows architects to develop structures which are complex and yet retain the features of minimal designs and is a versatile enough material that it can...
wood garden bench

Wood Treatment – What to Protect In Your Garden

Looking at giving your garden a new lease of life can be daunting especially after a cold, wet winter when outdoor wood seems to suffer the effects of rain, wind and snow. The shed,...