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Debunked: Wind Turbines Don’t Affect Property Values

“Conventional" wisdom, often covered in press reports concerning the latest anti-wind turbine protest, states that wind turbines significantly impact property value. Some say the wind turbines' futuristic image, reaching high above the skyline, are...
green wall

Impressive Advances in Green Engineering

As social interest increases worldwide on the path towards more environmentally friendly and green options, the next big challenge in the field of engineering is to concoct green alternatives to the fundamentals of daily...
Wind farm in the UK

Opinion: Wind Farms – Still Not In Your Back Yard?

A recent survey conducted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed that almost 4 out of 5 people support the use of renewable sources in the UK for energy creation. The...
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5 Innovative Clean Energy Projects in Developing Countries

Unless you have lived a rather sheltered life, you will no doubt have heard on numerous occasions, about climate change, and the serious lack of sustainable energy we are facing. Our planet is in...
google wind power

Google Gets Wind Power

Google may dominate the world’s computers but it now looks set to become a leading name in the environmental industry, as Google Energy put pen to paper on a deal that allows the search...

China’s largest wind farm still too Small

The Huaneng Group in China is planning to build the biggest wind farm that the country has seen, with a total of 200 turbines over 100 square-kilometres in Fuxin city. Although the report claims...