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starbucks cup

Starbucks Pledges to Develop Recyclable Cup by 2021

Coffee giant Starbucks announced it is pledging $10m to make that cup that is compostable, fully recyclable and still holds a steaming hot coffee in the next three years.
compost in hands

Innovative Food Waste to Soil Scheme Launches in Toronto

An innovative recycling scheme that converts food waste to compost in 11 days is being launched by a private property management service in Toronto, Canada.A joint venture between Bentall Kennedy's property management team and...
garbage is beautiful

Making the Most of Recycling for the World [Infographic]

Let’s all make a New Year’s resolution right now. Let’s all check around at our local government, at our local big box stores, and with our waste management companies to find out just how much...
Klean Kanteen lifestyle

#BringYourOwn Klean Kanteen & Save the World One Sip at a Time

#BringYourOwn is the brainchild of Klean Kanteen, a company wholeheartedly devoted to reducing environmental waste, and preserving our planet. Best known for their durable, stainless steel canteens, Klean Kanteen is now shedding light on the huge amount...
plastic water bottles

Guess What Major U.S. City Has Banned Water Bottles From Being Sold In Public?

Feeling thirsty? Well, if you’re in San Francisco you’ll have to find a drinking fountain then!On Tuesday, San Francisco took one more step to greening their city, and became the first major city in...
crushed cans for recycling

These 7 Amazing Recycling Facts Will Make You Think Twice

Next time you finish that Diet Coke, decide to replace your cell phone, or toss that outdated phone book, take a moment to think about your next step. Before you head to your trash...
GM Landfill Free Steps

GM releases process outline for zero-waste manufacturing

General Motors is offering a kind of dopesheet that summarizes how the company makes its plants and facilities landfill-free. A landfill-free environment means that the company’s production waste is reused, recycled or used to...
Bokashi Compost

Bokashi: the Japanese Composting Method Not Recognized in USA

The correlation between food waste and environmental decline may seem weak, but the amount of food wasted is, in fact, a problem for our environment.First and foremost, despite starving people around the world, we manage...