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Volvo is Using Luminar’s 3D Laser Sensors to Build Fully Self-Driving Cars

The company is supplying Volvo with Lidar sensors to build their fully-autonomous cars. Recently, Luminar announced that they’d be slashing their prices and scaling up fast enough to meet the rapidly growing demand for its Lidar laser 3D sensors that enable self-driving cars to see all their surroundings.
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Volvo’s Transformation Into an All-Electric Auto Company

Volvo recently announced its plans of going all-electric by 2019, placing electrification at the center of its business.Though electric motors don’t automatically make a car an electric vehicle, this move by Volvo highlights the...
Volvo Drive-E

Volvo Commits to Sell One Million Electric Cars by 2025

Volvo is one of the global automakers determined to bring electric cars into the mainstream. Over the past few years, the Swedish automaker has developed new architectures for electric vehicles, and it has said on...
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Green Vehicles Among the Highlights at the Geneva Auto Show

The Geneva Auto Show is usually the place where automakers unveil their new, luxury supercars that target affluent enthusiasts who want to make a statement that they have made it big by purchasing an ultra-expensive exotic...
Volvo solar charging canopy

Volvo Lead the Way with Solar Charging Technology

Volvo is stealing a march on their competitors with their stunning new solar charging canopy. The charging station, known as the 'Pure Tension 'Pavillion' has been developed for use with the Volvo V60, the first...
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7 of the UK’s Most Fuel Efficient Cars

A lot of emphasis is being placed on car manufacturers to make their vehicles more fuel efficient, due in part to the continually rising costs of petrol and diesel fuels, but also because of...

Volvo Delivering 475 Hybrid Buses to Quebec by 2014

A group of public transit operators in the Province of Quebec has signed off on the purchase of 475 hybrid buses from Nova Bus. This purchase involves delivery of the LFS HEV bus by...
volvo v60

Volvo V60 PHEV coming to USA

A great new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is coming to the USA later next year or early 2013, in the form of the Volvo V60. The Volvo V60 station wagon was available for...