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impossible burger

Startup Aims to Change ‘burger planet’ Choices

Burgers could be set for an overhaul if a Californian startup has anything to do with it. It wants to bring fake meat to the masses and its Impossible Burger is made of ingredients including wheat, potatoes and coconut oil.

Global Warming Fight to be Aided by Meat-Free Dumplings

A new weapon in the battle against greenhouse gases is being launched with omnipork - a shiitake mushroom, rice and pea protein. The meat-free dumplings have been created by Canadian scientists and Hong Kong climate campaigners in the hope of persuading people to help save the environment.

Ringling Bros. Circus shutdown is a distraction from the real issue: Eating animals

The “Greatest Show On Earth,” the 146-year-old Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, announced in January that it will finally close in May. The circus was simply not sufficiently spectacular to compete with...
vegetarian sushi

5 Ways Going Vegetarian Can Help Save The Planet

What's the harm in a hamburger every now and then? If you've ever been involved a "morality" debate about vegetarianism, you know this question inflames passions and produces heated opinions, but it's virtually impossible...

Vegetarianism saves the trees; meat eating leads to deforestation

When people think about moderating meat consumption, they typically think of the health benefits and costs. Eating less meat is said to be a healthy practice since it reduces the risks of heart disease,...

Being Vegetarian on Weekdays

A hamburger a day could increase your risk of dying by a third.Beef production uses one hundred times more water than vegetables do. A meat heavy diet is linked to obesity. It's also expensive....

McCartney: Vegetarianism Can Help Global Warming

Today, Reuters is reporting that during an interview with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Paul McCartney expressed his surprise that more emphasis isn't being placed upon the effect that the meat production industry is having on...