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The 8 Hottest Vegan Food Trends of 2023

Veganism is on the rise, and with it, many new and exciting food trends have emerged. In 2023, we can expect to see even more innovative and delicious vegan options on the market such as Plant-based seafood, Mushroom-based products, Edible insects, among others.

Learn why these trends are changing the way we eat and why they’re worth paying attention to.

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Ways To Complement Your Vegetarian Diet

There are lots of reasons to choose a vegetarian diet. Whether you’re a vegetarian for moral reasons or to improve your health, there are lots of benefits to foregoing meat. Vegetarian diets generally contain fewer saturated fats, more fibre, less cholesterol and fewer calories. But a vegetarian diet also comes with challenges – meat is one of the easiest ways for the body to get large amounts of protein.

So how do you complement your diet to compensate for the absence of meat?

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How to Deal With Non-Vegetarian Holiday Feasts

Vegans are sometimes characterized as having a sense of superiority over non-vegans. This isn’t entirely true, but some of us vegans are just begging to be labeled. So, what do you do over holidays especially where meat is mostly the main dish? Here are some simple guidelines to follow inorder to survive a non-vegetarian holiday event such as this Easter weekend.

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What is a Lacto Vegetarian?

A Lacto vegetarian is a person whose diet excludes meat and eggs but includes plant-based foods and dairy products. We delve into the advantages, disadvantages, challenges and risks of the Lacto-vegetarian diet.

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What is an Ovo Vegetarian?

An ovo vegetarian is a vegetarian diet that also includes eggs and egg products such as mayonnaise. But why? What are the ethical and health motivations for choosing ovo-vegetarianism? We have the answers.