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Saddest News Ever: Nutella Tax

The most beloved spread since Skippy’s, chocolate-hazelnut favourite Nutella, is facing a tax debate in France right now due to one of its ingredients. (Huffington Post) France’s National Assembly is considering imposing a tax on...
Vegetable oil car

Fancy running your car on recycled vegetable oil?

With fuel prices sky rocketing these days, it's no wonder that automobile manufacturers and motorists alike are looking for maximum fuel economy. Car makers are launching smaller-engined, more efficient models while people are getting...
Veggie car buyers

Veggie Car Buyers Guide: 5 Essentials

You’ve decided to make the switch to vegetable oil as a fuel. You’ve read all about straight vegetable oil (SVO) and waste vegetable oil (WVO) and have started looking for a suitable diesel vehicle...