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Vegan Coconut Quinoa Stew

Creamy Vegan Coconut Quinoa Stew Recipe

This quinoa stew is perfect for winter months. However, when trees’ leaves start to change and salads begin to be the mealtime norm, let this stew cool and serve...

Parsley and Oregano Vegan Creamed Cauliflower Recipe

I adore mashed potatoes. However, the kind I enjoy are full of butter and milk, with the precious skins ripped off for the white flesh inside. Cauliflower is the perfect...

Are vegans the world’s biggest party poopers?

“Please, don’t you rock my boat. ’Cause I don’t want my boat to be rockin’.” Bob Marley As cool and laid back as I’d like to be known, I have...

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Vegetarians are people who have sworn off meat, but some don't go "all of the way" and still eat fish or poultry. There are some vegetarians who do give...

Seasonal Recipes for Springing into Spring

Depending where you are in the Northern hemisphere, spring produce includes treats like apples, arugula, asparagus, chard, fava beans, scallions, rhubarb, spring peas, leeks, beets, endives, artichokes, broccoli sprouts...

Vegan Avocado Pancakes with Chipotle and Cilantro Sauces Recipe

Typically associated with simple guacamole, avocados are a versatile fruit whose fat content lends itself well to a variety of other dishes besides the delicious staple of Mexican cuisine. The...
pan-fried yucca with creamy vegan drizzle

Pan-Fried Yucca Recipe with Creamy Vegan Drizzle

This easy yucca recipe highlights the beautiful texture and flavor of the yucca root. Also called cassava, tapioca or manioc, yucca is a staple tuber of the world.

Vegan Mushroom and Red Wine Quinoa Risotto Recipe

While red wine is a delight to drink, it also creates the perfect base for a variety of dishes. One of these is mushroom risotto – with the alcohol burning...

Vegan Gnocchi Recipe

Little pillows of goodness is generally the way I refer to gnocci. However, with an egg allergy, it is rare that I eat this potato-based pasta. This vegan alternative is...

Beyonce’s Baby Weight Loss Secret: Going Vegan

Who doesn’t want all of Bey’s beauty secrets? Here’s one to start us off. The star’s personal trainer recently revealed to Life & Style magazine that he encourages Beyonce Knowles-Carter...


hydrogen car dashboard

What Are the Unique Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel for Transportation?

Discover the unparalleled advantages of hydrogen fuel for transportation in our comprehensive article. From eco-friendliness to cost-effectiveness, we explore the unique benefits that make hydrogen fuel a game-changer in the automotive industry.
person giving a dog some food

How to Feed Your Dog in an Environmentally-Friendly Way

Looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact while still providing your furry friend with a healthy and balanced diet? Our comprehensive guide on how to feed your dog in an environmentally-friendly way is just what you need!
red pepper tofu dip

Vegan Red Pepper Tofu and Chickpea Spread Recipe

Red pepper spreads are usually chock full of cream and cheese – making them a delight for the palette but a terror to the waistline. They are also eradicated from the vegan diet due to their animal-based ingredients. This version is incredibly healthy and also protein-filled.

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