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renault electric car

Renault is Converting a Portuguese Island into a Clean Energy Haven

French car giant Renault is taking a leading role in the electrification of Porto Santo island with the provision of electric vehicles, Vehicle To Grid (V2G) facilities and energy storage.
plug in electric vehicle

How Electric Cars Could Power Up the UK Grid

A UK university is helping to trial chargers that could see power flow back into the National Grid from electric cars and pay motorists at the same time.

Nissan Begins Testing V2H Technology with Leaf-to-Home Charging Units

Nissan is just one of the automakers that is starting to take note of other possible uses for the electric car, such as harnessing the power from the battery, and pumping the electric back in to...
Military electric vehicle grid

Electric vehicles could be new backup power stations for military bases

The Army Corps of Engineers, which has been awarded a $7 milllion contract, will be testing if electric vehicles help protect a military base from power disruptions at Fort Carson, Colorado.“The goal for the...
vehicle to grid diagram

Electric Cars, Energy Storage & the Smart Grid: How V2G Works

Buzzwords like 'Vehicle to Grid', 'Smart Grid', and 'V2G Energy Storage' have been floating around a lot lately, but do you know exactly what they mean? Or more importantly, how electric cars work in...
air way car

The Air Ray: Solar + Wind Powered With V2G Capabilities

The Air Ray is here, and oil and gas companies won’t like it.Developed by New Jersey based Earth Sure, the Air Ray is a car that will produce enough energy to power itself, and...