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Nature-Based Solutions: The New (Green) Kid On The Block

If we let it, nature can be a powerful ally in tackling climate change. When applied to cities, an emerging concept called “nature-based solutions” (NbS) can boost resilience and help adapt to and mitigate...

How “Sponge Cities” Are Helping to Curb Effects of Climate Change

Sponge cities are becoming the latest trend in urban design to help curb the effects of climate change. A sponge city is a city that's "designed to passively absorb, clean and use rainfall in an ecologically friendly...

Top 3 Global Smart Cities That Are Helping The Environment

Smart cities are called such because they have adapted smart technologies that help urban life become more livable, efficient, and sustainable. Many cities in the world are considered “smart” but what we want to really...
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What is a Smart City and How Will They Help the Environment?

What is a smart city? According to Techopedia, a smart city is one that incorporates information and communication technologies to enhance city functions and the quality of life of its citizens. Livability is a key...
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Google Building Smart City in Toronto

Sidewalk Labs, a unit of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. has just signed a deal with Waterfront Toronto to create a new kind of neighborhood demonstrating how data-driven technology can improve city life. $50 million...
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Our Love Affair with the Car is Killing Our Cities

This week, WalkScore released their results for the most pedestrian-friendly cities. The Seattle-based technology company says Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the top three most “walkable” cities in Canada, while New York, San Francisco and...
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The Environmental Impacts of Urban Sprawl

Today, urban sprawl from major cities has overwhelmed nearby communities and wilderness areas. Many cities started life as agricultural centers, and in the course of their growth they have over-grown the farmland they were...