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gift wrap

Saving Money by Upcycling Things in Your Everyday Life

By simply reusing, upcycling, or repurposing the things around your home, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year.
pallet table

3 Upcycling Projects for the New Year

Upcycling is the perfect way to revive something that is ‘skip’ bound and give it a new lease of life.The upcycling craze continues to grow with more people taking a greater interest in the...
upcycled frame

14 Easy Ideas for Upcycling Plastic Items

It seems that more and more goods are being distributed in plastic bottles. While some people carelessly toss them in the trash, others (thankfully) recycle them. As for myself, I choose to recycle them...

Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies That Will Get You Into “Ship Shape”

Hand-written letters are a thing of the past, unfortunately. Nowadays, the only thing you'll get in the mail is marketing leaflets and parcels.The marketing leaflets are usually a complete and utter waste, and we...
dog and owner

8 Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

How can a dog be bad for the environment? Aren't they part of it?Although they may be animals, our dogs aren't like wild wolves. They aren't adapted to the natural environment, but rather to...
wooden furniture

How To Bring Your Wooden Furniture Back To Life

When wooden furniture loses its shine there are two options for every homeowner – you can either revive your furniture or you can cash-in on one of the most popular design styles, shabby chic.In...
upcycled furniture

5 top tips for up-cycling furniture

Sadly we live in an ever increasing throw away nation. It is estimated that only 17.7% of waste is recycled in Britain. One item that has great potential to have a long and happy...
vertical planter

How To Assemble A Patio Garden Using Upcycled Materials

Are you looking for a patio transformation that will delight the eye without requiring the purchase of a bunch of cheaply-made, environmentally non-friendly baubles? If so, then put on your work clothes, round up...

5 Coolest Uses for Old Phones: From Upcycling to Arts

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old cell phone? Many people just toss them in the trash, but there are a lot more things to do with a retired phone than...
Curtain cushions

Curtains to Cushions: How to Reuse the Old at Home

‘Upcycling’ and reusing are big trends right now. Yet whilst they might be great for the environment and cheaper than buying new products, what if you want to chuck out that old dresser because,...