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Conservation Friendly Construction

The Case for Conservation Friendly Construction [Infographic]

It has become increasingly clear that we must adapt our approach to construction so that it’s more environmentally conscious.

WATCH: The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Being Built in the UK

In this video, you can watch and learn about the world's largest offshore wind farm, currently under construction in the UK. Located 120 km off the English Coast, the completed wind farm will have a power generation of 1.2 gigawatts.
plug in electric vehicle

How Electric Cars Could Power Up the UK Grid

A UK university is helping to trial chargers that could see power flow back into the National Grid from electric cars and pay motorists at the same time.
wind turbines

Don’t miss the WIRED Energy Conference in London: October 12, 2017

How the world accesses and uses energy has never been more important than it is today. From the potential of renewables to global energy conservation, to consumer devices like electric cars and smart home...
Tesla Model S in UK

Tesla Motors In Talks to Provide Electric Cars to UK Government

Although there is some sense to be had when it comes to the development of more environmentally responsible vehicles, aside from California, New York and Washington D.C., most of North America doesn’t care all that...
uk coastline

Recent storms leading to massive coastline erosion

According to recent studies by scientists at the University of Plymouth, coastlines in the UK are expected to retreat by approximately two to three metres this year. In a typical year, the coastlines would...
solar panels in the UK

United Kingdom Plans to Expand the Use of Solar Power by 800%

According to an article published on Bloomberg.com, Energy Minister Greg Barker has pledged to increase the nation’s use of solar power by 800 percent. Barker released a 38-page, solar-power plan on October 8th, which...
energy conservation

UK Study Shows Public Acceptance Helps Decrease Energy Consumption

Global climate change can be affected by even the smallest of changes, when applied on a grand scale. Indeed, the way a society frames climate change issues -- through acceptance or through skepticism --...
Greater Gabbard

UK Completes £1.3 Billion Offshore Wind Farm Project

The completion of the £1.3 billion Greater Gabbard project off the coast of Suffolk was a great step towards the development of Britain’s offshore wind industry. The 140-turbine project has a capacity of 500MW,...
Green Deal UK

The Green Deal: How The UK Government Is Pushing Green Energy

Approximately one quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the energy used in homes — things like running appliances, lighting, and especially heating. It’s not uncommon for Brits to live in houses that...