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Rise of the Ecotourist: A More Sustainable Form of Tourism?

Ecotourism has been gaining popularity since the 1980s. It is estimated that the number of Eco tourists increases by about 10% annually. It is an interesting modern movement, one that speaks volumes about the world we live in today. So, what is it and what are some of the popular Eco-tourism destinations?

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6 Zero-Waste Packing Tips

Whether it is making better purchasing decisions, or exploring zero-waste packing skills for your next vacation, ideas are power. So how do we jump on board the zero-waste travel adventure? Here are six considerations.

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Taking a Cruise? How to Look for the Greenest Option

Environmentalists have been up in arms for years about the damage cruise ships cause in the name of leisure. However, there are some cruise companies making an effort, and a small beginning is better than nothing at all. Here are six of the key measures towards a greener footprint to look out for.