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Volvo is Using Luminar’s 3D Laser Sensors to Build Fully Self-Driving Cars

The company is supplying Volvo with Lidar sensors to build their fully-autonomous cars. Recently, Luminar announced that they’d be slashing their prices and scaling up fast enough to meet the rapidly growing demand for its Lidar laser 3D sensors that enable self-driving cars to see all their surroundings.
electric car charging

The Top Eco Cars of 2015 for UK Drivers

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle this year, check out our picks for the top 5 eco cars that will help you get around the UK with minimal environmental impact.  1. Volkswagen...
Toyota i-Road side shot

Toyota i-Road is the Solution to Crammed City Streets

With traffic clogging up the arteries of all major cities, and the health effects of that traffic becoming increasingly known, there is a great opportunity for automakers to reinvent the car for the modern day,...
Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Toyota unveils the Mirai, a Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Sedan

Along with Honda, Toyota has exhibited their own hydrogen fuel-cell sedan called the Mirai, which translates from Japanese as ‘future'. Due for release in Fall 2015, the zero emission vehicle will run straight up...
Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Wants A New Hybrid

Auto brand wars are always interesting to watch, particularly when both marques are substantive and venerable. This is chiefly true in the case of Ford Motor Company, versus one of today’s most important Japanese...
Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept

Will Toyota’s Fuel Cell Sedan Be Able to Challenge Tesla’s Model S?

Although the Prius family of vehicles has brought much success and popularity to Toyota, leading many people to believe that the company will try and become a dominant force in the all-electric vehicle segment,...
Honda FCEV Concept

Hydrogen Fuel Filling Stations Now in Development to Meet Commercial Demand

Austrian industrial gas systems-maker Linde AG has launched an H2 production line to support commercial demand for the development of hydrogen filling stations. Currently the previously nascent hydrogen-fueled vehicle segment has seen to be generally...
Toyota FCV

Toyota’s next eco-friendly car will be powered by hydrogen

According to Toyota Motor Company, the Japanese giant will release its first hydrogen (H2) variant to its domestic market next Spring, with a follow on rollout to the U.S Market shortly afterwards. Is should...
toyota i-road

Meet Toyota’s new three-wheeled electric car, the i-ROAD

I have to say, there’s a lot of talk about three-wheeled vehicles these days. With the Elio making news on a nearly daily basis, on top of Campagna’s T-REX, and now, with Polaris’ new...