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Steamwhistle Growler and Pint

Steam Whistle Brewery cuts down on bottle returns with new Growler

Canadians love ordering a bottle of Steam Whistle Pilsner on a hot summer day. There's something about the sleek, green bottles that have resonated with people for years. But...
Quantum dot solar cell

Breakthrough in Next-Gen Solar Cells

Quantum dots (also known as nanocrystals) have certain electronic properties, which we can use to convert photons (light particles) into electricity in much the same way as with traditional...
avoid plastic bags

Toronto bans plastic bags

In what can only be called a big win for the environment, Toronto has put an outright ban on plastic bags in its cities. But wait – that's not...
Plastic Bags

LA bans bags in landmark vote

Wednesday, May 23rd saw Los Angeles take a landmark step in changing our shopping habits for the better by outright banning the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and...
Wind Farm on Highway

Wind energy – is it really safe to use?

When watching green energy commercials, chances are you’ll see solar panels and wind turbines. In fact, wind is second only to solar energy as the most popular form of...
Toronto Nissan Leaf

2012 Toronto Green Living Show Photo Gallery

This photo gallery features some of the best exhibits at the 2012 Toronto Green Living Show, including electric vehicles, fair trade businesses, and manufacturers of alternative energy products.  
Toronto Green Living Show

Visit the Toronto Green Living Show this Weekend

Are you going to be in Toronto this weekend? Then don't miss out on the Toronto Green Living Show at the Direct Energy Centre. Check out all of the...
Earth Hour in Toronto

Earth Hour isn’t big enough yet

At 8:30 pm on Saturday, March 31st (when Earth Hour officially began), I was in Whole Foods in Toronto. Whole Foods, the natural, organic, and overall environmentally-conscious grocery store,...

Sustainable Fashion Swap & Shop Event in Toronto

This month in Toronto, the sustainable fashion organization Fashion Takes Action is organizing an "eco-friendly swapping and shopping" event called Shop Sustainable, that asks people to swap some of...
Shark Fin Soup

Campaign to ban Shark Fin Soup in Toronto launched by city councillors

Shark fin soup, a Chinese delicacy served in restaurants around the world, may soon be banned in the city of Toronto because of the inhumane way the sharks are...


espresso coffee grounds

Does Coffee Kill Plants? The Truth About Using Coffee as a Soil Amendment and...

Find out whether coffee is harmful to plants and learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using coffee grounds as a soil amendment or fertilizer. Discover other natural fertilizers to help your plants thrive.
Conserve Water Around The Home

7 Simple Ways to Conserve Water Around The Home

Learn how to conserve water and reduce your environmental impact with these 7 simple tips for your home. Discover practical strategies to save water and reduce your utility bills, without sacrificing your daily routine or comfort. From fixing leaks to upgrading appliances, this article offers easy solutions to help you become a more conscious consumer.
cabin overlooking mountains

Living Off the Grid: 16 Brilliant Hacks You Should Know Now!

Looking to live off the grid? Check out our article for 16 brilliant hacks to make your off-grid lifestyle easier and more sustainable. From alternative energy sources to water conservation methods, we've got you covered. Start living your off-grid dream today!

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oven door

How to Choose Eco-friendly Kitchen Appliances

Choosing eco-friendly kitchen appliances can be a game-changer for your wallet and the planet. You can save money and reduce pollution by making informed decisions about the appliances you use.
breakthroughs in solar

The Latest Developments and Breakthroughs in Solar

The solar industry has come a long way in just the last few years. The latest developments and breakthroughs in solar technology include longer-lasting solar cells, solar cells that you can print onto flexible surfaces, solar panels that track the sun from east to west throughout the day, and solar power plants that work at night. Here's a breakdown of the breakthroughs we're most excited about.
growing plants in a greenhouse

13 Advantages Of Growing Plants Within A Greenhouse

If you’re considering growing plants inside a greenhouse, here are 13 obdurate advantages you’ll definitely like to know and utilize as well.

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