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superior bidet

Superior Bidet Review: Helping You Fight Deforestation From Your Bathroom

Have you ever considered how much toilet paper you use in a day? And how much that daily usage adds up when everyone is doing it? Consider the following facts: The average American uses 23.6...
bidet seat infographic header

Using Bidet Seats to Save Money and the Environment [Infographic]

Making your home more sustainable can be as simple as making some changes in your bathroom. Namely, cutting out your toilet paper consumption. Check out the infographic below to learn all about how using a bidet...
drop a brick water saver

Save Water Every Time You Flush With This Rubber “Brick”

California’s massive drought has been raising lots of awareness about the importance of conserving water wherever possible, but unfortunately it hasn’t been enough to get more people to take action. When a couple of entrepreneurs...
Bill Gates Foundation Solar Toilet

Bill Gates Foundation Invests in Solar Powered Toilets

Bill Gates and his philanthropic foundation are looking to flush away the world's potty problem. Gates has awarded a whopping $100,000 first place prize to the California Institute of Technology for an innovative toilet design. But it...
No Mix Vacuum Toilet

Innovative Toilet Reduces Water And Reuses Waste

After a year and half of research, scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have found a way to reduce the amount of water needed for flushing and reuse human waste. Their invention involves a...
Composting Toilet

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Composting Toilet

Composting toilets are a unique, eco-friendly way to handle waste without the need for plumbing, septic, or sewer connections.  They save water, money, and contribute toward an overall green lifestyle.  And did I mention...
greener toilet

Can Bill Gates Invent a Green Toilet?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has set aside $41.5 million in funds to use in sanitation science and technology research, with the goal of bringing safe and sanitary disposal of human waste to...
washing machine toilet

Washup: Saves Water by Flushing With Leftover Laundry

Continuing our unintentional bathroom theme of the day is a cool new product by Sevin Coskun from Turkey, and is part of this year's Core 77 Greener Gadgets Design Competition. The washing machine/toilet is called the "Washup" and is...
fill valve

HydroClean Fill Valve Helps You Save Water When You Flush

Our loyal readers may remember a special we did during Earth Week on ways you can save water in your bathroom. Although greywater is the best way to go right now, sometimes just upgrading your toilet...