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5 Reasons Laser Technology is Better for the Environment

While many people don’t associate laser technology with environmental health, lasers actually offer many ecological benefits over their competitors.
eco friendly apps

5 Green Apps That Will Help You Live Sustainably

The World Economic Forum this year has cited new technologies as the most effective way to combat climate change. For most, this can start by merely downloading an app on your smartphone or tablet. Here are 5 free apps that can help you save the planet.

How Technology Is Providing Solutions for Clean Water [Infographic]

As the global population grows, many are still left without clean drinking water. However, new solutions are being made possible through the use of technology that could make clean drinking water more widely available...

5 of the Weirdest Energy Sources – Infographic

Solar, wind, hydro and even geothermal energy sources are all fairly common ways to generate power today. But there are other, much strangers ways to do it as well.This infographic looks at 5 of the...
British Columbia forest

Who Says You Can’t Mess with Mother Nature? Scientists Altering the Tree for the...

Scientists are growing trees to power the planet and be genetically more efficient at producing paper.Researchers at Oregon State University in the United States, have discovered a way to turn trees into high-tech batteries,...
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Big Brother May Be the Savior of Life on Earth

Just over two hundred years ago, American Naturalist John James Audubon tied some string to a bird’s leg to see if it would come back the following year.That following spring, he was amazed to...
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Got a Smartphone? You Can Be an Invasive Species Hunter

Shhh... be very, very quiet, we’re hunting zebra mussels.Zebra mussels are an invasive species in many regions surrounded by the Great Lakes in North America. They are invasive because they aren’t naturally part of...
Google Data Centre

How the All-Knowing Internet May Save Our Planet

Currently there are about 10 billion devices connected to the Internet. That’s a lot of computing power connected to the all-knowing Internet, which may save our planet.This past holiday season, one in five Americans...
Apple Spaceship Campus

Apple’s Spaceship Campus: Steve Jobs’ Environmental Legacy?

It could be Steve Jobs' greatest legacy, or his biggest donut.The usually energetic founder of Apple looked frail and weak, as he made his initial presentation to Cupertino’s city council seeking approval for a...
recycle old electronics

Why You Should Recycle Your Old Electronics (And How to Do It)

If you’re like most people, you have several old electronic gadgets lying around the house that you don’t use anymore. They’re probably there because you know you’re not supposed to put them in the...