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20 Superfoods with Amazing Beauty Benefits [Infographic]

The health benefits of superfoods are well documented, but did you know that they also have beauty benefits?Check out the infographic below from Beauty Flash to learn about the positive impact salmon, avocado, greek...
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The Benefits of Eating Superfoods – Infographic

Superfoods are the latest craze for people who are trying to eat healthy and make food choices that also limit our impact on the planet. Superfoods are also referred to as “nature’s medicine”, in that they offer...
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The Truth About Superfoods: Which Foods Are Actually Super? [Infographic]

While the word "superfood" was first used in the early 20th century, its use has reached a fever pitch in the last decade.As people seek out healthier diets and lifestyles, marketers have responded, trumpeting...