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Seaweed: The New Superfood Good for Your Health and the Environment

Seaweed is an often overlooked sea vegetable that packs a powerful nutritional punch. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and contains compounds that may help protect against cancer and other diseases. It’s also environmentally friendly, as it helps improve water quality and provides habitat for marine creatures. Discover the health and environmental benefits of this super-food including some yummy seaweed recipes!

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10 Delicious and Climate-Friendly Superfoods You Should Be Eating

While there’s no one silver bullet to combating climate change, making small changes in our diets can have a big impact. One way to do this is by eating more superfoods low in carbon emissions and packed with nutrients. Here are 10 of the most nutritious and climate-friendly superfoods to add to your diet.

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The Benefits of Eating Superfoods – Infographic

Superfoods are the latest craze for people who are trying to eat healthy and make food choices that also limit our impact on the planet. Superfoods are also referred to as “nature’s medicine”, in that they offer significant health benefits to anyone that eats them.

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Ever Tried a Superfood Latte? [Infographic]

Superfood lattes have garnered a lot of buzz online, due in part to the fact that they tend to be awfully photogenic. Those bright green matcha lattes and gorgeous golden turmeric lattes are almost enjoyable to look at as they are to sip.

But that’s far from the only reason to start your day with a superfood latte in hand.

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The Secrets of Apricot Cooking and its Incredible Health Benefits

Apricots are among the most popular fruits in the world. They are rich in vitamin C and A, iron, calcium, fiber, and phosphorus. These nutrients make them ideal for people of all ages. Their soft texture and sweet taste complement a wide range of dishes, especially cobblers and pies. Today we discuss the secrets of apricot cooking and its incredible health benefits.

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Why a Plant-Based Diet Is Good for Gut Health

Is being a vegan the key to good health? Thanks to research studies, we’re starting to understand how natural foods interact with our gut bacteria and improve our overall well-being. Learn how this happens and what to include in your diet.