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3 Crazy Storms Hitting North America Right Now

Check out this animation of 3 crazy low pressure storms hitting hit the U.S. right now:NASA is calling the storms atmoshperhic dragons, and described them as follows:According to the National Weather Service, the low...
uk coastline

Recent storms leading to massive coastline erosion

According to recent studies by scientists at the University of Plymouth, coastlines in the UK are expected to retreat by approximately two to three metres this year. In a typical year, the coastlines would...

Superstorms of the American Great Plains captured in time-lapse video

Shot in Wyoming and South Dakota, this time-lapse video captured in 2013 by Nicolaus Wegner shows incredible thunderstorms on America's Great Plains, and puts our recent bouts of extreme weather in perspective.
Toronto ice storm 2013

Too Much H2O – A Side Effect of Global Warming

Canada’s largest city – Toronto – is still recovering from a massive ice storm which blanketed the city and surrounding suburbs Dec. 21. Ice built up on power lines, causing the lines to collapse...

The Climate Change and Blizzard Connection

A soon-to-be published study has found that the rise of blizzards are a result of man-made global warming. While this assertion seems counterintuitive—how can global warming cause more blizzards?—there's substance to the findings."The answer lies...
hail storm

How Hail Storms Affect Your Ecosystem

Hail is one of the most feared weather phenomenons because it has the potential to destroy plants, trees, crops, animals and human life upon impact if strong enough. This can have an adverse effect...