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Ambassador bridge

Canadian Government wants new Detroit bridge exempt from environmental protection laws

There are reports that the Canadian government is passing legislation that would exempt a new Windsor-Detroit bridge from a slew of environmental laws. This legislation would ultimately shield the project from any legal action...
Stephen Harper

Harper’s Arctic tour not without controversy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is touring Canada's north this week, on his sixth annual trip to the Arctic. The yearly trek is an initiative designed to promote the region and Harper's "use it or...
Stephen Harper Angela Merkel

Merkel Visits Climate Scientists in Halifax

Some say it's a political date that's been a long time coming. After months of trying to co-ordinate their schedules, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are finally getting together. Merkel...
Canada Parliament

Canadian Federal Government Seeks Faster Environmental Reviews

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, along with Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, is seeking faster environmental reviews to move projects along at a quicker rate. Under the proposed changes to the review process, the Canadian...
John Baird

New Canadian Environment Minister Appointed

Prime Minister Harper has appointed John Baird as the new Environment Minister, to replace John Prentice. John Baird is currently the government House Leader, and will add the Environment to his ongoing duties. First elected...
Jim Prentice

Jim Prentice Steps Down as Minister of the Environment

Jim Prentice, a senior member of the federal Conservative Party, today announced his resignation from his post as environment minister, and that furthermore he would vacate his riding of Calgary Centre-North by the end...