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solar hand

Solar Power meets Med Tech in this Touch-Sensitive Electronic Skin for Next-Gen Prosthetics

A new development from the University of Glasgow in Scotland will allow patients with artificial limbs to gain touch sensitivity in their prosthetics.While this is impressive in itself, the limbs are also solar-powered, meaning...
solartab box

Solartab Review: The Perfect Solar Powered Battery Companion for your Smartphone and Tablet

Conserving your phone’s battery while on the go is a painful reality for most smartphone owners. As we continue to use our phones and tablets more and more each day, having a reliable source...
ELF Bike

This Solar-Powered Electric Bike is the Solution for Urban Transportation

Elf is the result of efforts produced by a clever group of developers who call themselves Organic Transit. Their project was, and is, oriented to creating small-scale transit solutions leveraging sustainable power sources, initially...
tablet computer and green energy

Solar Powered Gadgets for an Easier Lifestyle

Solar Powered Gadgets - To Make Your Life Easier At a time when we’re all becoming more dependent on our electronic gadgets, power prices are soaring. It’s hard to imagine life without our laptops, smartphones,...
Free Light solar lights at night

Free-Light helps bring solar lighting out of the dark

When we hear something is for free, the most natural reaction is to find the fine print. Com one, nothing’s ever free. Right? Especially in the case where the cost of providing water, heat...
solar panels on home

Infographic: Solar Power’s Limitless Possibilities

A high level infographic showing just how much power the sun provides and what that energy could mean to the US and world.
Garfield County solar garden in Colorado

Community Solar Power is Growing

Shading, a good angle, available space and many other factors play an important part in determining the feasibility of a solar installation. In fact, most households are not suitable for a solar panel installation....
Solar Power

Countries Around The Globe Opting For Solar Power

Solar power, which converts sunlight into energy, is beneficial for reducing our carbon footprint and has been accepted as a greener alternative for harvesting power. While harvesting solar energy has a carbon footprint of...
Solar Sunrise

5 Cool Portable Solar-Powered Gadgets

he sun is not only the answer to cutting carbon emissions with utility-scale solar farms and residential PV-systems. In fact, solar has many of other neat uses. Here are five of the coolest ones:  1....
Solar Power System

Should I Boost My Solar System with Gas or Electricity?

Whether you have added solar power to your existing home or designed it in as you built, the question frequently arises; what other type of energy should be used in tandem with your new...