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Solar Energy Grows More Affordable as Panel Prices Fall Faster Than Experts Predicted

The cost of solar panels is decreasing faster than anyone expected. The price drop is attributed to fierce competition and the advances in every part of the solar panel technology sector.
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Free Solar Panels and Tesla Batteries to Slash South Australians’ Domestic Bills

Household bills could be lowered by a third in South Australia, where 50,000 solar panels and Tesla batteries are to be handed over free of charge.
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What Will Further Accelerate the Advancement of Solar Power?

As the solar energy industry continues to create jobs, cut down utility bills, and preserve our environment, the question becomes how do we accelerate this beneficial advancement for the betterment of all?
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Threat to 23,000 US Jobs amid Trump Solar Tax

Solar tariffs set to be introduced by the Trump administration will come with the loss of 23,000 US jobs in the first year alone, and significant setbacks in clean energy adoption.
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Solar’s Business Innovation: How Creative Financing and Energy Exchanges Are Accelerating the Adoption of...

It’s no accident that renewable energy companies don’t have access to the same economic advantages that fossil fuel companies do. The fossil fuel industry has had a century of a head start, leveraging their economic strength and influencing...
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Australia’s Utility Companies Struggling To Stop Solar PVs

Australia’s major electricity utilities are trying to stop the rapid installation and use of solar photovoltaic cells (solar PVs). Due to its sunny climate, everyday consumers are realizing that it is cheaper to create...
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Obama’s Solar PV Installation Part of a Growing Trend

President Obama’s decision to install American-made solar panels on the first family’s residence was heralded as groundbreaking by many environmentalists. One reason it was so celebrated was because it marked the end of a...
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As the solar industry booms, manufacturers struggle to compete

Over the past week there have been two announcements that will have a significant effect on the solar industry.First, the European Commission announced that it won't impose provisional duties on solar panels that are...
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4 Career Tips For Solar Panel Installers

Thinking of a Career as a Solar Installer? 4 Things to Consider When Making the Career Change All it takes is for the power in your neighborhood to go out for more than 3 minutes and...
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How France plans to save its struggling solar industry

France has vowed to offer more financial support to small solar power farms (more than 2 billion euros in investments) to save the dying solar industry. In the past two years, 15,000 jobs were...