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solartab box

Solartab Review: The Perfect Solar Powered Battery Companion for your Smartphone and Tablet

Conserving your phone’s battery while on the go is a painful reality for most smartphone owners. As we continue to use our phones and tablets more and more each day, having a reliable source...
solar cells

New Block Copolymer Solar Cells Shows Promising Results

A small team of researchers at the Rice and Pennsylvania State universities has developed a new solar cell that is based on organic block copolymers. The research and the new solar cell have led...
Anti-reflective coating

Will Multilayer Anti-Reflective Coating Boost Solar Cell Efficiency?

Anti-reflective coating is used in many types of solar cell on the market today. They do add a few percentages to overall performance, however, there are further improvements to be made. This is what...
Solar cell

44% solar cell efficiency achieved by Silicon Valley solar company

A California-based company has broken its own world record in solar cell efficiency.Solar Junction has achieved 44 percent at 949 suns, beating the Silicon Valley company's record of 43.5 percent at 418 suns it...

Spinach + Silicon = Powerful Solar Cell

Remember when your parents used to pester you about eating your spinach? Even Popeye touted spinach as a great way to pump up those biceps. Well, it looks as though they were right. Spinach...
Ultra Thin Solar Cell

New Ultra-Thin and Flexible Solar Cells Announced

A new type of solar cell has been developed by Japanese and Austrian researchers which could lead to a huge increase in personal renewable energy generation. On Wednesday, the teams announced that their new...