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Researchers Create an All-Weather Solar Cell That Generates Energy from Raindrops

Chinese researchers have created a hybrid solar cell that generates energy even when it's raining!
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Solar Energy Grows More Affordable as Panel Prices Fall Faster Than Experts Predicted

The cost of solar panels is decreasing faster than anyone expected. The price drop is attributed to fierce competition and the advances in every part of the solar panel technology sector.
Scott Hammond with the team at NREL

Solar Glass Now Allows Large Scale Building Developments

It looks like solar power won’t just be for the homeowner anymore but also for condo residents and office workers.A company in Maryland called SolarWindow Technologies boasts a new line of product that allows...
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The Future Success of Solar Energy Lies in a Clear View

Good news is on the horizon for the solar energy business. New scientific research and prototyping techniques have led to the creation of a new kind of solar concentrator.  What makes this concentrator special? Well, when...
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44% solar cell efficiency achieved by Silicon Valley solar company

A California-based company has broken its own world record in solar cell efficiency.Solar Junction has achieved 44 percent at 949 suns, beating the Silicon Valley company's record of 43.5 percent at 418 suns it...

Spinach + Silicon = Powerful Solar Cell

Remember when your parents used to pester you about eating your spinach? Even Popeye touted spinach as a great way to pump up those biceps. Well, it looks as though they were right. Spinach...