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FUEL grab n go

Grab ’N Go with FUEL

Did you know the average life of a fast food bag is only six seconds?Which is about the time it takes for a fast food employee to package your burger or sandwich up, pass...
vegetarian cafeteria

Not too cool for school: First all-vegetarian public school gets it right

A school in New York has become the first all-vegetarian traditional public school in the country.  Yes, public.I can only imagine the disbelief saturating the smoke-filled air of dark-room discussions among the top brass...
Eat Your Greens to Give Some Green - Whole Foods

Whole Foods donation day will pay to put salads in schools

Here's a neat little way to get your kids to eat their vegetables. It may not work on all children, but may strike a chord with those who have a strong social conscience.Whole Foods...