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20 Water-Saving Tips for Your Home

Have you ever had a staggering utility bill? Even if you are not in a drought-stricken area, you must do your part in knowing how to save water and conserving this precious resource. Here...
Rain Barrel

6 Good Reasons to Get a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels and water tanks are incredibly easy to set up and use, and there are plenty of good reasons to use one. Here are six reasons you should consider one for your yard.

Would You Like a Guilt-Free Cup of Tea? Well, You’ll Need One of These!

When you go to put the kettle on, do you fill it with the exact amount of water you need? And I don’t mean taking a good guess at it: Do you fill the...
drop a brick water saver

Save Water Every Time You Flush With This Rubber “Brick”

California’s massive drought has been raising lots of awareness about the importance of conserving water wherever possible, but unfortunately it hasn’t been enough to get more people to take action.When a couple of entrepreneurs...
shower water

Energy saving tips that are perfect for shower time

With sky rocketing energy bills making the headlines again, finding ways to save water, electricity and gas are big news. Although many people are aware that something as simple as not leaving your TV...

Save the Earth, One Step at a Time

Keeping the planet in good shape for future generations is an important task. The good news is that there are simple ways to be a little greener in daily life.
water drain

What are the bigger water wasters in the home?

During the last decade the topics of sustainability and the environment have been discussed at length, with government’s continually innovating in order to meet strict, energy saving goals. However for the average household, the...

5 Must Have Water Saving Gadgets for your Home

A few years ago it used to be only the ardent environmentalists who were bothered about their impact on the planet and worried about issues such as global warming. Nowadays though most of us...
hands free automatic faucet

The Eco-Conscious Bathroom

If yours is like most households, your bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. Next to the kitchen, it’s also the room where you actively consume the most energy and...
eco-friendly cleaning

What Everyone Should Know About Eco-Friendly Cleaning

When it comes to living green, home cleaning products offer a number of different ways to avoid harming the environment and live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. If you are looking for ways to green...