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Russian Dogs to be ‘Captured and Disposed of’ Before World Cup Begins

With the World Cup set to kick off in under two weeks, Russian officials are doing everything they can to clear the streets of stray dogs, or ‘biological trash’ as they have previously been called by pest control companies.
Satellite in space

New Satellite Launches to Monitor Climate Change from Space

As of early October this year, the European Space Agency has just sent a new satellite into orbit, the Sentinel-5P, which will monitor climate change from space. The sattelite...
Olympic dogs

Killing of Olympic dogs mirrors our own solution

As human visitors pour into Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympics, thousands of stray dogs who have always called the city their home are quietly going missing. Seemingly well-fed...
Vladimir Putin hunting

Russia Considers Sport Hunting Ban

If a recently introduced bill is passed by the Russian government, the country would join Costa Rica and a few other African nations in making killing animals for fun,...
Greenpeace occupies Russian oil rig

Greenpeace occupies Russian offshore oil rig

Six activists, who spent several hours hanging off the side of a Russian floating oil platform, have ended their demonstration. The activists, including Greenpeace executive director Kumi Naidoo, stormed Gazprom's...
Putin Lake Baikal

Putin Creating Waves in Lake Baikal

In August 2009 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, climbed into a mini-submarine for a first hand inspection of Lake Baikal. After the his tour, the former KGB agent declared...


baby nursery

4 Things to Consider when Planning an Eco-Friendly Nursery

These 4 design tips will help ensure your newborn is being kept safe and healthy in an eco-friendly nursery.
collect rainwater for environmentally friendly gardening

The Homeowner’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

In this article, we outline why every homeowner should have a rain barrel set up for rainwater harvesting, how to set up your rain barrel, and some of the best uses for rainwater once you collect it.

9 Food Waste Solutions That Are Basically Habits To Save The Earth

Food waste accounts for up to 29% of the amount of trash each year in the US. Here are 9 effective ways to reduce your food waste at home.

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