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Solar panels on house

5 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels Before Installing Them in Your Home

Here are important factors you need to consider before installing a solar panel system in your own home or business.
photovoltaic solar panels

What Will Further Accelerate the Advancement of Solar Power?

As the solar energy industry continues to create jobs, cut down utility bills, and preserve our environment, the question becomes how do we accelerate this beneficial advancement for the betterment of all?
solar panels at home infographic

The Many Benefits of Going Solar at Home [Infographic]

Are you still on the fence about installing solar panels on your home or property? Check out this infographic from Renewable Energy Corporation for a good look at the many benefits – environmental and economic – that...
discreet solar shingles on roof

Discreet Solar Power For Your Roof

New developments in solar shingle technology allow for solar shingles to be produced in nearly any colour or shape, making it nearly impossible to tell the shingles have solar PV technology built into them at all.
install solar panels on house

9 Tips to Make Installing Solar Panels at Home Easier

Installing solar panels for your home is a relatively new and popular kind of home improvement that’s taking North America by storm.Solar panels boost the value of your home, and provide enough savings over...
rooftop solar panels

How to Choose the Right Residential Solar Panel System

Before you decide which home solar power system is right for you, you have to consider your available sunlight, required system size, economics, and the local permits you’ll be required to have. First, you have...
solar panel system

Thinking of Going Solar? These are 5 Questions You Must Consider

The popularity about going solar often creates a misconception amongst home owners as to the true benefits of installing solar panels at their home.If you are considering a solar panels investment for your home,...
solar panels for home

Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Solar PV Installation

Installing solar PV on your home is a great way to reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint. However, there are ways you can get the most out of your system, maximising your...
residential solar

Residential Solar Energy More Viable Than Ever

Solar energy installations, both residential and commercial, are increasingly apparent across the state of California.A combination of climate and a progressive government attitude toward renewable energy has made California one of the biggest players...
Residential Solar Panels

Things to Consider Before Installing a Residential Solar Power System

The idea of renewable energy has been around for decades. Only now are we starting to realize the power and potential of harnessing this energy and putting it to great use, especially in the home,...