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FUEL grab n go

Grab ’N Go with FUEL

Did you know the average life of a fast food bag is only six seconds?Which is about the time it takes for a fast food employee to package your burger or sandwich up, pass...
Starbucks food waste

Starbucks Funding Research To Reuse Food Waste

First Jamba Juice, now Starbucks. Food franchises are sure stepping it up to make a positive change in the world and bettering the environment.Starbucks (specifically Starbucks Hong Kong) will be financially funding and donating coffee grounds--the...
waste piled up outside of garbage can

Reduce Waste and Have a More Productive Household

It’s no secret that household waste is becoming a major issue for the environment. Landfill sites are not only unsightly; they also impact on the environment in many different ways.From leakage into the local...