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shredded paper

Privacy Concerns: Is Shredding Paper & Recycling It Safe?

Don’t Put Shredded Paper Out for Recycling If You Want to Keep Your Personal Stuff Private Personal paper shredders are about as common as the printers which created the private and personal documents in the...
Aluminum can recycling

Number Games: How many times can materials be recycled?

If you're a frequent visitor of this website, then there's no doubt that you know the gist of recycling and reusing. The cycle of recycling is unique one: Just like how every material cannot...
Make your own Paper

How You Can Make Your Own Paper At Home

Paper is one of those things that most of us take for granted but is in fact one of the pivotal steps in our species’ long path to the way that we think and...
shredded paper for recycling

A 10 Step Guide on How Paper is Recycled

Recycling paper is one of the best ways to save the trees and protect the environment. Nearly 80% of the paper we use can be recycled.
Recycled Sculptures

A Showcase of Recycled Paper Art

Artists around the world are taking the slogan “go green” to a whole new level by making artistic masterpieces out of recycled paper. Using anything from newspapers to books, as well as varying colour...
microsoft headquarters

Microsoft HQ Switches to 100% Recycled Paper, to save 8000 trees per year

It's not quite as good as going completely paperless, but Microsoft has taken a great environmental initiative and announced its headquarters are switching to 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The significant improvement over Microsoft's existing...

Barnes & Noble’s ecosystem: 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Notebooks

As much as many of us try and cut down on paper, there are some industries that simply cannot. Some jobs require sketchpads, some require grid paper, and some people just need a handy...