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balls of yarn

Firm in Turkey Recycles Tons of Plastic Bottles into Yarn

A Turkish company is turning 100 percent plastic waste into yarn and fibre and exporting the products to more than 20 countries.
plastic water bottles

Guess What Major U.S. City Has Banned Water Bottles From Being Sold In Public?

Feeling thirsty? Well, if you’re in San Francisco you’ll have to find a drinking fountain then!On Tuesday, San Francisco took one more step to greening their city, and became the first major city in...
how to make durable plastic twine

How to make durable plastic twine with old plastic bottles

Have you ever needed quick access to some rope or twine around the home but not had any on hand? At that point, what would be easier: making a trip to the local hardware store,...
soma compostable water filter

Soma brings compostable filters to water jugs

If you need one more reason to ditch plastic water bottles for good, it's got to be the slick design of the new Soma water jug, with filters that can be composted. Soma's carafe...
trash island

The Problem with Plastic – How Drinks Bottles are Choking the Ocean

Bottled drinks are responsible for one of the ocean’s most pressing environmental problems. Urban legends have been rife for decades about a large mountain of plastic trash polluting the Pacific Ocean. The truth of...
Plastic water bottles

Concord, Masschusetts Bans Plastic Water Bottles

The citizens of Concord, Masschusetts have been working for the past two years to ban the use of single-serving plastic water bottles in the city. This effort was led by 82-year-old activist, Jean Hill,...
Haggar Plastic Bottle Khakis

Plastic Khakis: 14 million plastic bottles made into pants

Its the one year anniversary of the Haggar Clothing Co. K Life Khaki™ brand. The eco-friendly LK Life Khaki pants are made with a blend of cotton and REPREVE® fibers.Wondering what REPREVE fibers are? It's an...
pepsi plant based PET bottle

PepsiCo Unveils the World’s First 100% Renewable Plastic Bottle Made from Sustainable Plant-Based Resources

A brand new product from PepsiCo is going to change the way we look at drinking from a plastic bottle. The food and beverage manufacturer will soon be packaging their drinks in a petroleum-free,...
water filter bobble

Reusable, Self-Filtering Water Bottle Bobble Turns 1

This week marks the 1st year that Bobble self-filtering and reusable water bottles have been on the market, and they have made it a long way in one year! The green alternative to disposable...
plastic bottles

No Plastic Day – June 8, 2010

Plastics are an extremely useful class of materials. Couple that with the fact that we live in a “disposable” age, and our practice of overusing, and then discarding, plastics in wasteful ways comes at...