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WATCH: The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Being Built in the UK

In this video, you can watch and learn about the world's largest offshore wind farm, currently under construction in the UK. Located 120 km off the English Coast, the completed wind farm will have a power generation of 1.2 gigawatts.
offshore wind farm

The Struggle to Build Offshore Wind Power

After many years of sheer struggle and legal battles, the US is beginning to realize the dream of establishing offshore wind power projects off the East Coast of U.S. In the past, sluggish movement...
Greater Gabbard

UK Completes £1.3 Billion Offshore Wind Farm Project

The completion of the £1.3 billion Greater Gabbard project off the coast of Suffolk was a great step towards the development of Britain’s offshore wind industry. The 140-turbine project has a capacity of 500MW,...

Obama Administration Approves New Renewable Energy Projects

In a June press release issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior, new Interior Secretary Sally Jewel announced the Obama administration’s latest steps in its “all-of-the-above” energy strategy. The release announced the approval...
Offshore wind farm

US Sells Sea Areas For Offshore Wind Farms

A few weeks ago, I commented on how Canada is selling parts of its Atlantic coast to BP, Shell and other oil companies, and on how these deals could mean new oilrigs off the...
UK Offshore Wind Farm

World’s largest offshore wind farm now generating power

It is certainly a historic moment for one wind turbine project in the UK...The Guardian newspaper reports that the first power has been generated from the world's largest offshore wind farm. The first phase...
Offshore wind farm

Lease granted to Delaware offshore wind farm project

The U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) granted a lease for an offshore wind farm off the coast off Delaware. In charge of the project is a unit of U.S. power company NRG Energy. But...
Offshore wind farm

Deepwater Wind working to build first U.S. offshore wind farm

Reuters is reporting that Deepwater Wind is working to build the first U.S. offshore wind farm off Rhode Island.Deepwater’s chief executive spoke to Reuters. The American wind power developer plans to start construction of...
Baltic wind energy

Baltic ripe for offshore wind development

The North Sea has been traditionally considered the original home of offshore wind farms, due to its strong prevailing winds. Countries like Germany and Denmark have used the shore for wind power since the...
agricultural wind turbine

The Pros and Cons of Agricultural Wind Turbines

There is no shortage of wind in the North of England. It is a natural step for professionals in an industry such as agriculture, which already runs off the land, to upgrade to a...