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2014 Chevrolet Voit

Nissan and Chevrolet report record November electric car sales

In a year when electric car sales have continued on an upward trajectory, Chevrolet and Nissan both reported having their “best November ever” with the hybrid versions of their...
Tesla Roadster

The Top 5 Electric Cars of 2013

The electric car has come on in leaps and bounds in the last half decade or so and there are a number of autos that give their combustion brothers...
Rio Leaf

The World Wants Leaf: How Nissan’s Leaf is Changing the World One All-Electric Car...

What’s the best-selling zero emissions electric vehicle (EV) in the world today at more than 50,000 units sold in 17 countries so far? Nissan Leaf. Yes, the hottest EV...
Nissan quick charge eVgo Leaf

Nissan Expanding Quick-Charging Capabilities in United States

The path to broader adoption of electric vehicles in the United States includes developing a national charging infrastructure. Nissan is not only competing in the auto industry with the...
2013 Nissan Leaf electric car

Nissan Announces Huge Price Reduction for 2013 Leaf

Last week, Nissan issued a press release announcing the improvements it had in store for its 2013 Leaf EV. Among those improvements were an additional, less expensive trim level,...
2013 Nissan Leaf

Nissan Announces Improvements for 2013 Leaf

Emerging from a less than spectacular sales year, during which expectations for the Leaf were missed by a long shot, Nissan has announced several upcoming improvements for its EV. ...
New Nissan Leaf

Nissan Unveils Cheaper, Extended-Range Leaf

Though Nissan probably knew that sales of their Leaf EV weren’t going to meet expectations for 2012 a long time ago, the Japanese automaker didn’t officially give up hope...
Nissan Leaf

Nissan Puts a Number to LEAF Sales and Reinforces Commitment to EVs

Earlier this month, Nissan held a conference to discuss its financial results for Q2 of the fiscal year. Nissan’s chief operating officer, Toshiyuki Shiga, spoke about the company’s progress...
2012 Toyota Prius C

The Top 5 Eco Friendly Cars of 2012 Based on Fuel Efficiency, Comfort &...

Today many people are interested in having a car that is ‘green’ and therefore better for the environment as well as their pockets. As the cost of petrol is...
Nissan Leaf Charging

Nissan and Adopt a Charger Announce 15 Free Electric Car Charging Stations

In an effort to encourage more drivers to adopt electric cars, Nissan and Adopt a Charger have partnered to provide 15 free electric car charging stations in California. As the...


espresso coffee grounds

Does Coffee Kill Plants? The Truth About Using Coffee as a Soil Amendment and...

Find out whether coffee is harmful to plants and learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using coffee grounds as a soil amendment or fertilizer. Discover other natural fertilizers to help your plants thrive.
Conserve Water Around The Home

7 Simple Ways to Conserve Water Around The Home

Learn how to conserve water and reduce your environmental impact with these 7 simple tips for your home. Discover practical strategies to save water and reduce your utility bills, without sacrificing your daily routine or comfort. From fixing leaks to upgrading appliances, this article offers easy solutions to help you become a more conscious consumer.
cabin overlooking mountains

Living Off the Grid: 16 Brilliant Hacks You Should Know Now!

Looking to live off the grid? Check out our article for 16 brilliant hacks to make your off-grid lifestyle easier and more sustainable. From alternative energy sources to water conservation methods, we've got you covered. Start living your off-grid dream today!

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