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Oil spill Nigeria

ExxonMobil spills oil from offshore Nigeria facility over 20 miles

An oil spill last week at an ExxonMobil facility off the coast of Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria has spread at least 20 miles from the original leak location, coating waters used by fishermen. According to...
Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos Introduces Tougher Enforcement of Environmental Laws

The Lagos State government is ramping up enforcement against breach of environmental laws and toughening prosecution of offenders. Tunji Bello, the commissioner for the environment in Lagos State in southwest Nigeria, told the media at...
Phoney Shell app

Phoney Shell app draws attention to environmental damage from oil

Before you get up in arms about what you're about to see, know that it's a tongue-in-cheek parody of the typical PR stunts and greenwashing marketing we see come out of the oil industry. [youtube...
Nigerian crude

Nigerian Crude: The Ongoing Environmental Disaster

In the late 1950s the British discovered oil in Nigeria. Vast amounts of oil. When Nigeria claimed its independence in 1960, it continued to allow foreign operators to run the oil concession, in return...
Nigeria food crisis

Food Crisis Looms In Nigeria

It’s only been one month since the disappointing end of the Copenhagen climate change conference, which failed to live up to many developing nations expectations. One of those countries Nigeria, is suggesting the level...