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Hog Farms to Power Homes with Captured Methane Gas in North Carolina

Methane gas derived from hog farms in North Carolina is to be used to create enough energy to serve 1,000 homes. The technological breakthrough will enable a power plant, owned by Duke Energy, to use the renewable natural gas emissions - called directed biogas.

Shifting Vehicles to Natural Gas Can Stem the Rise of Methane in Alberta

Look up into the night sky in North Carolina where fracking is common and you’ll note the methane gas flares that light up the sky. So visible are they that these can be seen...
CNG compressed natural gas fleet vehicles

CNG is Now a More Popular Choice for Commercial Fleets

According to Navigant and Market Research, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is driving medium/heavy fleet sales, and the future looks to be quite bright for those commercial operating segments. Statistics provided by both research groups...
Compressed natural gas car

The Technology Behind Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural gas is being used by more than half of all household in the U.S. to heat their homes, as well as to power various appliances, such as clothes dryers, stoves, and furnaces. This...

Mazda set to ruffle the competition with new hybrid and CNG systems

Mazda is certainly a manufacturer on the offensive, with the recently released Mazda6 winning plaudits world-round and is now set to unleash the new Mazda3, with the Tokyo Motor Show being used as a...
solar technology

Using Solar Technology to Boost Natural Gas Plants Efficiency

Solar technology has incredible potential and it’s being applied in a diversity based manner by a Department of Energy Laboratory. In this venture, natural gas power stations are being converted to hybrid solar plants....
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A Closer Look At Fracking

Fracking is the latest environmental hot topic, especially in the American North East.  The discovery of a layer of natural gas beneath New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio has torn the states apart and brought...
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Latest report shows rise in renewable energy use in 2013

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has released its latest report on the U.S. Energy Infrastructure Update. According to the report, 82% of all new electrical generating capacity in the U.S. in the first...
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New NASA Study Finds Nuclear Power Saves Lives

Have the dangers of nuclear power been overhyped? If former NASA scientist and climate activist James Hansen is to be believed, the use of nuclear power over the past few decades has actually saved lives.A...
SEAT Mii Ecofuel

SEAT Mii Ecofuel Car Heading for European Markets

Volkswagen has separated from competing automakers by focusing their green vehicle research on compressed natural gas (CNG). The automaker currently offers the popular Golf model with CNG power as well as the Eco Up!...