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The Mining Industry Is Ditching Diesel for Renewable Energy for Reasons Beyond the Environment

The rising prices of diesel and oil have forced the mining industry to opt for the renewable energy for sustainability.
Pollution Metal Extraction

The Impact of Metal Extraction to the Environment, Economy, and Society

One of the growing concerns right now is the increasingly worsening condition of our environment.If you read and listen to environment news, you will not just worry but be scared of all the things...
The Truth About Conflict Diamonds Infographic banner

The Truth About Conflict Diamonds – Infographic

Not yet convinced why you should choose conflict-free eco-friendly jewelry? Check out the infographic below for some staggering facts about the practices of diamond mining.

Obama Objects, but Uranium Mining Set to Proceed

An old uranium mine in the Grand Canyon is set to reopen in a few years, but serious environmental concerns are at the heart of a lawsuit filed to stop it.

Is Environmentally Friendly Mining Possible In The Future?

Mining has been around for many years and it has always received very bad feedback, with most people disagreeing with the process. It has often been recognised for providing workers with bad working environments...

Judge rules Teck Resources liable for pollution clean-up costs

A landmark ruling has been made against one of Canada’s largest companies. And it is being a hailed a huge victory by a small tribal group in Washington state.A federal court has made a...
seabed mining

Sea floor mining project now in jeopardy

A dispute between Papua New Guinea and a Canadian company has put an innovative sea mining project on hold. The CEO of Nautilus Minerals announced this week that the company has had to suspend...
Ontario mega quarry

Ontario’s “Mega Quarry” plans dropped

Wednesday marked a great day for local farmers in Ontario, as the plan to built a "mega quarry" in Melancthon Township was dropped. The company behind this controversial project, The Highland Companies, has abandoned...

The Obsession for Gold and Its Effects on the Environment

Though the California gold rush may have petered out long ago, the search for this most precious of all metals is a far cry from over. Gold has always had an unshakeable appeal to...
Diamond Mine

Top 10 Worst Diamond Mines In The World

Diamond mines leave the earth pocketed with craters. These deep cone shaped holes can make sink holes look like a community gopher hole when compared to the gaping earth scars left by diamond mines....