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Hog Farms to Power Homes with Captured Methane Gas in North Carolina

Methane gas derived from hog farms in North Carolina is to be used to create enough energy to serve 1,000 homes. The technological breakthrough will enable a power plant, owned by Duke Energy, to use the renewable natural gas emissions - called directed biogas.

The UK Has Created A Bio-Bus… That Uses Human Waste For Fuel!

For years we’ve known that human waste can be made into fuel, but it’s not until more recently that the practical applications have started to pop up. Specifically, in Britain they have introduced the...
Alberta cattle

Alberta’s Beef Offers Important Alternative Energy Supply

One of Alberta’s biggest economical contributors is the beef industry. But this industry started as a way for grain farmers to diversify, as prices were, and still are, very volatile.But now farmers, especially those...

Shifting Vehicles to Natural Gas Can Stem the Rise of Methane in Alberta

Look up into the night sky in North Carolina where fracking is common and you’ll note the methane gas flares that light up the sky. So visible are they that these can be seen...

This eco-friendly supermarket is using food waste to power its store

When you think about how often food in your fridge goes bad and needs to be thrown out, it’s easy to see how the issue of food waste would be amplified for places such as...
artificial lawn

The Artificial Lawn: Greener Than Natural?

Who wouldn't want to have a big lawn to hang out on during those warm summer days?A lawn can be a place to hold various activities, including sports, outdoor dinner parties, and barbies. While the green movement...
Methane hydrate

Methane Hydrate: A New Source for Japan’s Energy?

Japan recently announced that a team of research scientists managed to successfully extract natural gas from an offshore deposit of methane hydrate. Methane hydrate, also known as clathrates or, more colloquially, as flammable ice,...
Food waste

Stomping out Foodprints

A study published last summer broadcast an alarming statistic: that nearly half of the total American food supply (approximately $165 BILLION annually) gets dumped in the trash."As a country, we're essentially tossing every other...
Methane leak

Climate-Changing Methane Reservoirs In The East Coast

A recent study published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature found that there are frozen methane deposits trapped under nearly 4,000 square miles of seafloor in the Gulf Stream off the East Coast. Methane, for those...
Antarctic ice sheet

Antarctic Ice Sheet Sits On Methane Reservoir

A new report in the August 30 issue of Nature claims that there could be a source of potent greenhouse gas methane that could potentially be exposed to our atmosphere.According to the report, published by an...