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lithium air battery

Lithium-Air Battery Discovery Promises Increased Energy Storage

A new lithium battery discovery could mean greater energy efficiency for electric cars, laptops and phones, and having to re-charge them less often.
Tesla powerwall clean energy battery

Selecting the Right Solar Battery for Your Residential Solar System

There are a number of demands that solar system batteries have to address in order to make them viable for residential use, such as heavy cycling, irregular recharging, and unstable grid energy.And when selecting...
Tesla Australia solar battery

Australia’s Tesla Solar Battery Turns a Profit

Tesla's Powerpack Project only came on stream in December, but on two occasions it has already stepped up to save the grid, and in the process, sold excess electricity on the power market for around $810,000.
new battery technology

This Amazing Battery Can Charge Your Electric Car in 5 Minutes

A team from Singapore’s Nanyang Technology University (NTU) has designed a new battery for electric vehicles that can fully charge in the time that it would take the average consumer to fill up their car at a gas station.
PJP electric car battery

Battery Technology: New Dual-Carbon Battery May Solve A Couple Of EV Problems

Some of the most vexing problems associated with EVs regard battery range, charging time, and life-cycle limitations driven by non-standard use. However, at least two of these objections may be resolved, if Japanese-owned and...
Tesla Model S

Why Arguments Against Electric Vehicles Fail

By now, at least two or three electric vehicles have resurrected the electric vehicle dream, thanks largely to a couple of advancements in rechargeable battery technology. Lithium-ion battery technology is still nowhere close to...
Volkswagen eVan

Volkswagen Introduces e-Co-Motion Concept Van in Geneva

The Commercial Vehicles division of Volkswagen recently took a step toward innovating delivery vehicles with the e-Co-Motion concept van. This all-electric vehicle was introduced a few days ago at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show....
Lithium ion battery

USC develops next-generation lithium ion battery technology

Researchers at USC, according to recently published research in Nano Research, have "developed a new lithium-ion battery design that uses porous silicon nanoparticles in place of the traditional graphite anodes to provide superior performance.""It's an exciting...
Ford C-Max Hybrid

Ford Developing Tests, Components for the Next Generation of Vehicle Batteries

Ford Motor Company began researching green vehicles two decades ago and produced the Ranger EV in 1998. This limited-run vehicle was followed by the Escape Hybrid in 2004 and the Fusion Hybrid in 2009....
bolivia lithium

Could Bolivia be the Saudia Arabia of Lithium?

In a recent issue of the New Yorker, one of their excellent reporters asked an interesting question — could Bolivia be the next big source of Lithium for the world’s batteries?  The Salar de Uyuni...