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Climate Change Is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is also a social justice issue.

The effects of climate change are already being felt disproportionately by low-income communities, people of color, and Indigenous people. These communities are more likely to live in areas that are vulnerable to climate change, such as coastal areas and floodplains. They are also less likely to have the resources to adapt to the effects of climate change, such as access to clean water, food, and healthcare.

As climate change continues to worsen, these disparities will only get worse.

We need to act now to fight for environmental justice and create a more just and sustainable future for all.

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How Exposure to Heavy Metals from Toxic Baby Food Can Affect Neurodevelopment

Infants and toddlers are extremely vulnerable when it comes to exposure to heavy metals, as they have a higher uptake of nutrients by the gastrointestinal tract and underdeveloped detoxification systems. Here’s a look at how heavy metals in toxic baby foods can affect your child’s neurodevelopment and what you can do about it.