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Pollution Metal Extraction

The Impact of Metal Extraction to the Environment, Economy, and Society

One of the growing concerns right now is the increasingly worsening condition of our environment. If you read and listen to environment news, you will not just worry but be scared of all the things...
industrial design

Cradle to Cradle: Greening the Product Life Cycle

Designers have long developed product concepts that promote utility, value and aesthetic appeal, but industrial design programs are now bringing environmental impact into the picture. Industrial designers are beginning to take on the challenges of...
metal finishing

Institute for Industrial Productivity Says Industry Must Curb Emissions to Prevent Climate Change

The Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP), one of the world's leading experts in industrial energy efficiency, recently spoke out on the importance of industry to take up the charge and begin making environmental choices...
Red Brick Factory Exterior

Using Natural Light in a Factory Setting

A long-standing stereotype of factories as industrial, environmentally unfriendly megaliths is changing. That’s because the factories, and how they operate, are also changing. With further incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint—and with more consumers interested in...
Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders Speaks Out For Renewable Energy Industry

Senator Bernie Sanders is fast becoming a key voice for America’s growing renewable energy industry. Senator Sanders, an advocate against the multi-billion dollar subsidies that are rewarded to Big Energy industries (oil, coal and...
green warehouse

9 Ways to Turn an Existing Warehouse into a Much Greener Place to Do...

Nine great ways retrofit existing warehouse buildings to make them more eco-friendly and energy efficient, all while saving a significant amount of money.
recycling metal

Pros and Cons of Extracting Metal Versus Recycling Scrap Metal

Metal is extracted from the soil. It is then refined, processed, and transported to various manufacturers where it will undergo further procedures to become products. However, these processes do a lot of damage to the...
Green Jobs for Women

More Women are Needed Within the Green Jobs Sphere

Recent research has shown that more women are needed in the burgeoning sustainability sector, particularly for technician and scientific roles, where there's a particular skills gap. A major EU conference in Brussels in September found...
economy map

Economy Map shows environmental impacts of US Industries

A new online tool has just launched that will allow anyone to easily track the environmental impacts of the US industrial economy, and it has big potential to encourage more businesses to go green.   How...