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Conjuring Water from Thin Air is India’s Next Big Thing

An Indian startup has taken on a mission to produce pure drinking water from the thin atmosphere air by using their own type of revolutionary technology.
Africa sunset

Africa Tempted by $1 Billion Solar Investment from India

India is to extend credit to African countries to help revolutionize solar power across the continent. The Indian Ministry for External Affairs said it would seek to support 23 solar projects in 13 countries.
France and India make solar agreement

France and India Reaffirm Their Commitment to Solar Power

France is committing 700 million Euros to the India-based International Solar Alliance as part of a bi-partisan clean energy strategy.
Pavagada solar park in India

Phase One of the World’s Largest Solar Park Goes Online in India

At 5,261 hectares – with the land rented from more than 2,000 farmers – the park is anticipated to change the landscape of electric generation in the world's biggest democracy.

India Records Huge Solar and Wind Energy Growth

Based upon ambitious targets in renewables, India is increasing its total installed capacity in solar and wind energy via higher investments and research collaborations.India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has set itself...
india solar panels

India wants to become a solar superpower – but its plans don’t add up

One of the world’s largest solar power projects has just been completed in southern India. At 648 megawatts (MW), the Kamuthi solar plant can generate as much electricity as most coal or nuclear power...
India traffic

India Plans to Have Only Electric Vehicles on Its Roads by 2030

Lately, many countries around the globe have been setting various medium- or long-term goals when it comes to the number of electric vehicles they want to see on their roads. But in most cases,...
mass animal slaughter

World’s Most Massive Animal Sacrifice Claims 200,000 Lives

Despite online petitions and pleas from international celebrities, the ritual killing of 200,000 animals in what is deemed the most massive ceremonial animal slaughter to take place in one location kicked off in Nepal without...
African solar panels

Alternative Energy: A Miracle for Billions in Developing Nations

Most of us refer to alternative energies as those that are different from electricity. However, across the developing world, alternative energies to electricity are the only choice.Unfortunately, these usually take the forms of wood,...

This Inspiring Man Planted a Forest Larger Than Central Park, One Tree At A...

For anyone who says that one person can’t make a difference, “The Forest Man of India” is here to prove you wrong.Jadav Payeng started planting trees in 1979 in India’s Majuli island area in an effort...