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Honda FCEV Concept

Hydrogen Fuel Filling Stations Now in Development to Meet Commercial Demand

Austrian industrial gas systems-maker Linde AG has launched an H2 production line to support commercial demand for the development of hydrogen filling stations. Currently the previously nascent hydrogen-fueled vehicle segment has seen to be generally...
Honda FCX

Honda FCX: Fast Fill Charging Facility Supports H2 R&D Baseline

Committed to the 2015 rollout of Honda’s new FCEV, the company’s Torrance Headquarters campus has recently been fitted with a fast-fill charging unit oriented to furthering the development and support of its hydrogen-based cars....
BMW concept car

For BMW, Green Automobile Technology Starts At Home

Concept Vehicles and Reality We've all seen and drooled over the latest concept cars, whether they're exceptionally powerful, exceptionally beautiful, or exceptionally green.The sad fact is that there are lots of ideas on what a...
hydrogen powered car

Toyota announces first pipeline-fed hydrogen vehicle fueling station in U.S.

Today, Toyota announced the opening of the first hydrogen fueling station fed from a pipeline for vehicles in the United States. The hydrogen fueling station in California is to be used as part of...