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bmw i8 laser lights

First deliveries of the BMW i8 show off Laser Light technology

Last week, eight lucky customers around the world were the first to receive (and drive) the BMW i8, a hybrid sports car that has been turning heads since 2011 when it was announced and also featured as...
2014 Hyundai Sonato Hybrid

Hyundai Bests Honda In Eco-Friendly Car Analysis

It’s Hyundai, Not Honda When It Comes To ‘Green Is Better’ According to a newly released analysis from The Union Of Concerned Scientists, of the top eight manufactures, Hyundai-Kia has ascended to the top of...
Volvo v60

New Thinking: Drive Logging Can Extend PHEV Efficiencies

According to Swedish researcher Viktor Larsson, the application of a simple electronic system that allows the ‘drive logging’ of particular routes and locations, can significantly enhance the range and efficiency of PHEV’s. “In the...
toyota free piston

Toyota Free Piston Engine Design: When Old Becomes New Again

In 1807, Francois Isaac de Rivaz developed and patented a first combustion engine applying the concept of crankless, free-floating pistons, housed in a contiguous structure. At the time, Rivaz was way ahead of the...
Rolls Royce hybrid car

Rolls Royce Hybrid: PHEV Or Not – Luxury Will Still Be Luxury

Rolls Royce’s (RR) parent company BMW is continuing to move the Lux-brand forward in the 21st Century; first with an ultimately still-born 102EX electric initiative three years ago, and now, another effort focused on...
Chrysler 200c hybrid

Chrysler Group: Company Looks Forward To Hybrid Power

Newly mandated EPA auto-range mandates calling for an average of up to 55 MPG by 2025, have forced Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne to look toward hybrid power in order to meet his company’s...
china hybrid car

Hybrids More Efficient in China and in India Than in U.S.

Better fuel economy is clearly the main advantage of hybrids over conventional, gasoline-powered cars. They can be huge money savers in the long run, as they are powered by a combination of electric motors...

2014/15 Ford Energi: Long Legs And All The Perks

According to Ford Motor Company, the brand delivered 21,098 hybrids to the market during FY 2013. This was the first time that Ford had delivered more than 20,000 hybrid units in a single year,...
electric car dashboard

$hhhhhhhh!: NHTSA’s Non-Sound Concern Leads To Effective EV/Hybrid Work-Around

In response to several pedestrian accidents caused by the lack of engine noise associated with EV or PHEV vehicles, at the beginning of 2013, NHTSA proposed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Minimum Sound...

Buying a Car in 2014? Consider These Eco-Friendly Options

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, one of these eco-friendly options might be just what you are looking for.