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Celebrating Thanksgiving the Eco-Friendly Way

Thanksgiving is part of a wonderful time of the year with family and friends, leaving us filled with gratitude (and good food)! There are always ways to celebrate time-honoured traditions like Thanksgiving gatherings in a more eco-friendly way.

Going Green at Easter: How To Celebrate Sustainably

Here we share a few sustainable Easter ideas which will help you reuse your decorations year after year, and make even the brightest Easter baskets easily affordable.
Christmas decorations

How To Keep It Green with Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations!

‘Tis the season, and you know what that means? Lots of drink, food, decorations and… well, lots of everything really. Christmas is all about overindulgence, excess consumption and… Giving? Family? Love? Something like that....
Christmas Trees

Which Variety of Natural Christmas Tree is Right For You?

There really is nothing quite like a real tree to release that magical aroma of the season and breathe life into your Christmas decorations. But choosing which one to buy is harder than it may sound, as there are so many varieties available that have their own unique qualities.
holiday feast

How to Deal With Non-Vegetarian Holiday Feasts

Most of the time, vegans are characterized as having a sense of superiority over non-vegans. This isn’t entirely true, but some of us vegans are just begging to be labeled. Certainly, we have an...
Christmas Tree

Have yourself a very sustainable Christmas

The pressure is on for everyone to be environmentally friendly in their daily life and to do their utmost to reduce the global carbon footprint.Christmas might be a time for everyone to enjoy themselves,...
Homemade gift vouchers

Green Holiday Gift Ideas: 5 Inexpensive and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

To find green holiday gifts that are eco-friendly might be a challenge. This is because these gifts, though produced on a massive scale and are inexpensive, may not be eco-friendly. Whatever the trending style,...
Green Christmas

10 Tips To Make Holidays A Little Greener And Less Costly

Every holiday season websites are full of tips to save money and help mother earth during the holidays. Here are 10 simple measures for a Greener less costly holiday season.1. Consider replacing older strings...