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11 Secrets to Creating Healthy Eating Habits for Life

We're excited to share our favorite, simple secrets to creating a healthy lifestyle! If you've felt like healthy eating habits are out of reach, you're not alone. A lot of the time we know the...
Energy Depleting Foods Infographic

Energy Depleting Foods to Avoid [Infographic]

Rounding out your diet with foods that are both healthy and good for the environment can sometimes be challenging. When you’re short on time, foods that come in individual wrapped servings can be a lifesaver,...
Superfoods Infographic

The Truth About Superfoods: Which Foods Are Actually Super? [Infographic]

While the word "superfood" was first used in the early 20th century, its use has reached a fever pitch in the last decade. As people seek out healthier diets and lifestyles, marketers have responded, trumpeting...
Junk food

Calculating Crunch: The Science Behind Food Addiction

“The recovering alcoholic who keeps a daily cocktail of caffeine and nicotine coursing through his veins, and keeps white pasta and bagels on regular rotation in his diet. Not surprisingly, his alcohol cravings are...

6 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Every morning when you wake up, there’s a rather good chance that you head to the kitchen for a nice drink. Whether it’s a coffee, water or a nice cup of orange juice, you may want...