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Tub Shroom and Sink Shroom

Tub Shroom and Sink Shroom Review: Say Goodbye to Drain Cleaner Forever

You don't need to be a microbiologist to understand how pouring a chemical drain cleaner into a water system is a bad idea. And that is the problem the Tub Shroom and Sink Shroom have found a novel way to solve.
Proof drinking Bottles together

Proof Bottle Review: Sleek Style for Drinks On-The-Go

I had the opportunity to try out the Proof bottles designed for drinking on the go. This review covers my experience with the bottles including the pros and cons I've found.
solartab box

Solartab Review: The Perfect Solar Powered Battery Companion for your Smartphone and Tablet

Conserving your phone’s battery while on the go is a painful reality for most smartphone owners. As we continue to use our phones and tablets more and more each day, having a reliable source...
willa walker

Willa Walker Review: Teaching Toddlers to Walk with Sustainably Sourced Materials

Isn’t it great when you find a product that meets that desirable consumer trifecta of being good to the maker, good for the consumer and good for the planet? The Willa Walker, an infant walking...
coffee cup in bedroom

Essentia Pillow Review: A Toxin-Free Slumber

If we took the time to break down the materials present in all of the household items we use each day, we would undoubtedly be shocked by the number of toxins hiding beneath our...
Aspen Clean Cleaning Products

AspenClean Natural Household Cleaning Products Review

As a new mom, I’ve quickly become hyper-conscious of all of the toxins hiding in everyday household cleaning products – from dish soap to bathroom cleaners. I have to admit that while I was...
greener square products

Greener Square Wants to Help You Make Purchases That Are Good for the Earth...

Shopping for environmentally-friendly products is a lifestyle staple for anyone trying to limit their impact on their planet. But in today’s marketplace, it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between those businesses that are actually operating with the...
solar panels on building

The Best Green Technology for Future Homes

Global warming, toxic waste, pollution, illness all are tell-tale signs of a rapidly deteriorating world. That’s exactly the reason why we should all do our part and implement new products and technologies that are green...
Tim Cook at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook is Optimistic About Consumers Buying Green Products

Taking part in the Climate Week NYC kickoff on Monday, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook expressed a self-described "optimistic" outlook on his company's ability to affect climate change, saying that he believes that consumers,...
eco friendly umbrellas

Stay Dry and Curb Landfill Waste with These 4 Eco-Friendly Umbrellas

It’s now the middle of August. Soon, the sun will spend less time in our skies and clouds will come, full of water, to feed and replenish our environment. It also means that it’s getting...