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5 Green Apps That Will Help You Live Sustainably

The World Economic Forum this year has cited new technologies as the most effective way to combat climate change. For most, this can start by merely downloading an app on your smartphone or tablet. Here are 5 free apps that can help you save the planet.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

April showers bring us May flowers, so the saying goes – but they also provide homeowners with an ample supply of rain water that can be repurposed for your home or your yard, provided you know...

Start Your Happily Ever After Off Right: Tips for a Green Honeymoon

Plan an eco-friendly honeymoon. You can have fun and help conserve natural resources all at the same time!

Zero Home: The First Net-Zero Certified Home in Utah

The “Zero Home” offers both energy savings and energy independence in the Utah area.

Leading the Way: 5 Eco-Friendly Colleges in the United States

These five institutions of higher learning all have one thing in common: a commitment to going green.

School Day Tips: Packing a “Green” Lunch

Do you send your child off to school with a home-made lunch? Follow these tips to make the process as “green” as possible.

“Green” Your Business: Tips to Promote Eco-Friendly Work Habits

Going green can help your business save money, protect the environment and develop a positive reputation throughout the community.

Eco-Friendly Hotels: 5 Stunning Vacation Destinations

If you have embraced eco-friendly living, it is possible to take that mentality on vacation with you. Across the country, there are a number of amazing green hotels to patronize.
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Eat Green: 5 Steps for an Eco-friendly and Healthy Detox

Staying healthy is a challenge in today's society mainly because of unhealthy dietary lifestyles, environmental pollutions, and physical inactivity. While many factors are beyond the control of individuals, a rather painless step toward good...

Buying a Green Home: The Challenges of Locating an Eco-Friendly Property

While “green” properties are desirable for a number of reasons, traditional real estate services make it difficult for buyers to find what they need and sellers to get a price they deserve.