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How to Stay Safe During a Heat Wave

Global warming is pushing heatwaves and other extreme weather events to extreme records. Even as we cut carbon emissions, we must start learning how to live with the effects of climate change. Here are a few tips to help you cope during a heatwave.

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The Rise of Safe and Sustainable Cities

As the world’s population continues to grow, so too does the demand for safe and sustainable cities.

Cities that are designed to reduce crime, improve air quality, and increase access to green space are not only more livable, but they are also more resilient to climate change.

In this blog, we will explore the rise of safe and sustainable cities and discuss the many benefits that they offer.

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Sustainable Cities: Creating livable and sustainable communities

Sustainable cities are resilient, meaning they can adapt to changing conditions such as population growth or climate change. As both situations become a reality and more people live in urban areas, we must rethink our urban planning to create sustainable and livable communities that promote healthy living and a sense of community. Here are a few ways to do that from some of the most sustainable cities in the world right now.