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Volkswagen Is Using Google’s Quantum Computing Technology to Develop Specialized EV Batteries

Volkswagen says that Quantum computing technology could help come up with a “chemical blueprint” that will speed up development and production of electric vehicle batteries. The technology, according to VW, can analyze and build a specialized and customized car battery for future green cars.
Toronto Waterfront

Google Building Smart City in Toronto

Sidewalk Labs, a unit of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. has just signed a deal with Waterfront Toronto to create a new kind of neighborhood demonstrating how data-driven technology can improve city life.$50 million...
Google's sustainable campus

PHOTOS: Google’s New Super-Sustainable ‘Green Loop’ Campus

Google has released updated concept images for its new, sustainably-designed campus, originally announced back in 2015. Check out the concept images below:According to the Mirror,Google will also be putting bike lanes and small...
google halloween kids

Google’s Driverless Cars Are Learning How to Recognize Kids

As Google continues testing its driverless car prototypes around California, it now seems to be focusing on improving its vehicles’ ability to interact with pedestrians, so that they can help ensure the safety of...
New Google HQ

Inside Google’s New Green HQ

Plans emerged last week for a new Google HQ in northern Mountain View. The new campus will a stark departure from the current suburban office park Google calls home.Renderings show a series of canopy-inspired...
clean energy

Small Businesses Take the Lead on Green Technology Innovation

“We need miracles,” says Bill Gates. “We need to take the CO2 rate down to 0 in less than 25 years.”So where do we turn? To universities? Well, to a certain extent we do,...
Google Sunedison Solar Plant

Google’s Latest Investments Show That the Future of Energy is Green

Google is investing billions of dollars into clean energy projects, and for good reason; because the investment is supported by the data.“Basically,” says Rick Needham, Director of the Energy and Sustainability program at Google,...
self driving car

Perspective: Self-driving cars as an ideal is not the same thing in real life

At the end of May, Google created a flap with a media blitz displaying its latest iteration of self-driving cars. While the “bubble car” clearly engendered a host of interesting discussions, the Google people suggested...
Nissan Announces Unprecedented Autonomous Drive Benchmarks

The politics and liabilities of self-driving cars

According to Carlos Ghosn, leader of the Nissan-Renault Alliance, challenges associated with the future of automated vehicles have little to do with technology, but instead is entirely related to the politics and the costs...