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The Latest Technology Trends To Reduce Your Eco Footprint

With new applications for smart devices being developed every day, ‘green’ apps are a dime a dozen. Whether you are an environmentalist, a budding recycler or someone who wants to make a difference in the world, there is an app for it. Here are a few worth checking out.
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5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Eco-Friendly in 2018

As you decide what’s next for your company, there’s no better time to implement some changes to make your business more eco-friendly. Here are the top five ways your small business can go green.

7 Ways To Be an Eco Friendly College Student

Most college students focus on three things: classes, studying, and socializing (and probably not in that order). With all that’s going on around campus, it’s safe to say most students don’t spend a lot of time thinking about living...
compost pile

How to Make Your Own Compost: The Ultimate Guide

Although Americans are getting much better at recycling, there’s one thing that we still have a problem with: garbage. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces approximately 1,600 pounds of garbage...
natural beauty products

Protecting the Environment (and your skin) with Natural Beauty

With ultra gentle plant-based formulas that are kind on sensitive skin and beautiful scents of essential oils, organic skin care is the perfect way to look after yourself while protecting the environment.Whether you’re buying your...
wedding dress

Guide to an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding

The average wedding emits roughly 14.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, and considering that the average person emits 12 tons a year, that’s quite a considerable target to hit in one day.And the...

Going Green with Cloud Computing

Looking for ways to help the planet? While cloud computing may not seem all that eco-friendly at first glance, a closer look reveals a number of green benefits. Here are some of the ways...
Toronto Earth Hour

The Climate Change Campaign Environmentalists Love To Hate

It’s hard to avoid discussing WWF’s Earth Hour as the annual campaign grows close each year. Since 2007, eco-conscious individuals from across the globe have turned off their lights, appliances, TV, and computer for...
eco friendly office

Reduce Consumption and Increase Production: Tips for a Sustainable Office

There are countless ways that an office can reduce their levels of consumption, help the environment and save money in the process.
how to live a low carbon life

Chris Goodall Gives Advice on Reducing Your Carbon Footprint by Driving, Eating Better

It may be hard to believe, but sometimes driving is the greener way to travel.According to Chris Goodall's book How To Live A Low-Carbon Life, we need to think of fuel as a far more general...